The NHWP Heat pump

The heating and energy centre for your single family house

The NHWP heat pump heats, cools, prepares hot water, stores energy, ensures optimum air quality and communicates with your rooms.

NHWP: Kompakt, perfekt Abgestimmt, einfache Montage und Bedienung
A coordinated system for your home

The NHWP is the first compact heat pump that combines all efficiency technologies within one unit:

  • Modulation technology for stepless adaptation to your heating requirements

  • Hot gas technology for maximum efficiency in hot water preparation

  • Fresh water system for freshly drawn hot water, which is available constantly

  • Thermosave-reservoir to reduce standstill losses to a minimum

  • Wellcooling and Dry & Cool of the optional living room ventilation for a pleasant climate on hot summer days

  • Autonomous-PV for a maximum of autonomy and a minimum of heating costs

Everything is perfectly coordinated with the EasyTouch control from OVUM.


Smart to the room level

A system that works to the room level. Whether heating or cooling. Define your wishes individually for each room and the system works independently in winter and summer. More comfort, more efficiency. The NHWP heat pump.

Fresh water system

The hot water is heated hygienically by means of fresh water technology. The fresh water system is well insulated in the thermosafe cover. 

The NHWP is the only compact heat pump that makes this technology available to the customer.



heating                              cooling        


The NHWP uses the coolness of the soil to cool the house in summer. This is referred to as passive cooling, since only the heating circuit and brine pumps are required.


Incredible effect with minimum effort


A 3-layer cover for all components:

  • Heat pump

  • Fresh water system

  • Energy saving pump

  • Mixer

  • Lines

  • Electronics

With the NHWP everything in the thermal safe is protected against heat loss. Standby losses are up to 50% lower than with conventional systems. This not only reduces operating costs, but also prevents unnecessary recharging and saves the system. Unique, efficient, innovative and patent pending - the Thermosave!

Hot gas technology

The NHWP is designed with a multi-stage capacitor. The high temperatures of the hot gas are supplied to the hot water area, while the heat pump supplies the underfloor heating with low-temperature heat economically and efficiently. Thanks to hot gas technology, the NHWP can produce hot water up to 34% more economically.



No matter for what reason there is surplus energy in your building from the PV system, the NHWP monitors and detects this. It uses this energy and stores it in the thermosafe. It automatically joins the system as the last consumer and helps you to maximize your own PV electricity use.

Up to 20 kWh storage power

The energy is stored in the hot water and in the heating and transferred to the floor system depending on your needs. The underfloor heating can be used as an additional energy storage unit - either as a whole or with room controllers for individual rooms only.


Useage of different energy sources

The NHWP can use different energy sources. The geothermal version can be combined with a ground collector, a deep borehole or a groundwater well. In the air version, the outside air is used as the energy source.

No matter which energy source is available, with the NHWP any combination is possible.

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