Passive domestic hot water

Enjoy not only unbeatable low consumption costs but also the free cooling effect

Reduce the hot water energy requirement by up to 75%. 
No circulation losses


Domestic hot water preparation in compliance with standards (B5019)

Decentralized and 

close to the consumer 

Up to 65°C

Low temperature system: 

Perfect for heat pump systems in multi-storey residential buildings

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OVUM passive domestic hot water heat pumps 
OVUM domestic hot water heat pumps represent a revolution for hot water preparation in multi-party buildings. For the first time it is possible to ensure the high requirements of the drinking water hygiene standard B5019 simply and with minimum energy consumption. Each residential unit is individually equipped with the appropriate domestic hot water heat pump. Depending on the requirements a 100, 150 or 270 litre system can be installed. The 100 and 150 litre systems are designed as hanging storages.
Functionality of the passive domestic hot water
The OVUM hot water heat pumps use the heating backflow of the low-temperature heating system (underfloor heating) as a heat source. They take the required heat from the heating backflow and thus heat the domestic hot water in each decentralised unit up to 60°C. The heating system in the central unit supplies the required amount of energy for the domestic hot water preparation on a low-temperature basis in winter and in the transitional period. In summer the input of the passive energy by the underfloor heating is sufficient.


1 Domestic hot water heat pump

Efficient by using the underfloor heating of the apartment unit as a heat source at low temperature level. No circulation losses! No separate domestic hot water accounting!

Underfloor heating

In the summer months the underfloor heating of the each apartment is used as a heat source for the domestic hot water preparation.

Heat loss

In the distribution system, heat losses are reduced by up to 95% compared to decentralised appartment stations.

Heating centre

The central heating unit operates at a low temperature level and supplies the energy required for domestic hot water preparation additionally to the heating energy during the heating period.





NEW: now with PV control contact
Adjust the target temperature to the free electricity offered by your PV system.
  • The heating centre can be designed as a low-temperature system
  • Reduction of domestic hot water energy requirement by up to 75%
  • No circulation losses
  • No accounting of domestic hot water for each appartment. The boiler heat pump is powered by the domestic current.
  • Each appartment can adjust the system individually to its needs.
  • No losses on vacation
  • Cooling effect in summer
  • Space-saving thanks to wall-mounted design up to 150 litres
  • Verified according to EN16147
  • Easy to install

By the individual setting options the energy-conscious customer can additionally save money in multi-party buildings!

Extensive and simple operation
The OVUM control unit provides the following functions:

• Vacation mode (days absent)
• Turbo-mode (rapid heating)
• Weekly programme
• Comfort+ mode
Free cooling effect
In the summer months, the passive water heater takes energy from the underfloor heating. This means that the passively provided energy (sun, household appliances, . . . ) is used for domestic hot water preparation. The extraction of this energy creates a cooling effect which can lower the room temperature by approximately 2°.
OVUM Air domestic hot water heat pump
Prepare your hot water clean and efficient with an OVUM air-to-water domestic hot water heat pump. 
It takes the free energy from the room air and prepares your domestic hot water up to 60°C. With the integrated 270 litre stainless steel reservoir you have enough domestic hot water for the whole family. Ideal for new buildings and those switching to clean and economical water heating.
HINT: With dehumidification effect
Place the air-to-water heat pump in the basement and use the free dehumidification effect.

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