The heat supply including the heating centre.
Simple & efficient heating and cooling.

The TopEnergy central heating unit sets new standards in the supply of heating energy to residential buildings and represents the most modern energy solution for residential and commercial buildings.

OVUM TopEnergy central heating unit
The TopEnergy central heating unit sets new standards in the supply of heating energy for residential buildings. TopEnergy is not only a simple air heat pump, but also a complete central heating system. The complete heat supply is provided by the prefabricated TopEnergy module, which can be set up on the roof for example and can achieve heating outputs of 30 to 240 kW. Maximum efficiency and reliability is achieved by cascading up to 4 Ovum-Air air heat pumps.
  1. TopEnergy-Box prefabricated heating centre

  2. Ovum Air air modules 1-4 units 

  3. Heating inlet and outlet to the appartments

  4. Ovum heating circuit distributor for underfloor heating with heat quantity meter 

  5. Decentralized passive domestic hot water preparation

  6. Installation box for passive domestic hot water preparation 

  7. Room controller for heating, cooling and passive domestic hot water management, control via TE unit for each room 

  8. No heating equipment room required 

State-of-the-art technology in a minimum of space
The building can be directly connected trough one heating inlet and outlet each. The following functions are included in the TE30, TE60, TE90 and TE120: Housing, hydraulic separator, expansion and vacuum degasing with refilling.
Simple and thoughtful. The regulation and control of the TopEnergy sets new standards. A perfectly coordinated system in which all areas such as heating, cooling, fresh domestic hot water, ventilation and PV systems right up to individual room control work together perfectly.
Thanks to the large modulation range the TopEnergy central heating unit can use the free surplus energy of the PV system and significantly increase its own consumption. A building is an enormous energy reservoir. The TopEnergy central heating unit is the reservoir manager and reduces heating costs.
Passive domestic hot water & TopEnergy
The TopEnergy central heating unit, in connection with the OVUM passive domestic hot water heating system, shows all its advantages. The heating energy is made available at a low temperature level, e. g. for underfloor heating. In the apartments this low-temperature heat is not only used for room heating but it's also used by the passive domestic water heaters as a source of energy in a decentral way. With the OVUM room controllers this concept currently represents the most efficient heat pump system for residential buildings.
The quality advantage
The TopEnergy central heating unit is prefabricated on an industrial level. All components are coordinated by the fully installed control system which also provides all the necessary data via remote maintenance. The TopEnergy central heating unit sets a new standard in system technology and for the first time enables a standardized quality level, a perfectly coordinated overall system and maximum efficiency.
TopEnergy-system solution
Heat supply on industrial quality level
Highest efficientcy
OVUM TopEnergy central heating units represent the most modern energy solution for residential and commercial buildings. The air modules used are certified and clearly stand out from the competition due to their high efficiency. Thanks to EVI injection technology, the operating limit is -20°C, ensuring monovalent and efficient operation.
The cost advantage
Built room is expensive. With the external TopEnergy central heating unit in front of the building or on the roof, a heating equipment room is no longer required. All necessary components are already included in the TopEnergy central heating unit.
The multi-pillar principle
TopEnergy central heating units work according to the multi-pillar principle. This means that the required heating energy is divided between up to four air units. This allows a larger modulation range to be achieved and the air modules can be operated more quietly and in a more efficient power range. The multi-pillar principle also ensures a high level of operational reliability, as the other modules take over the heating load in case of maintenance.

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